Stakeholder engagement and participation

Some of the most challenging decisions in ocean planning and management stem from the relationship between people and the environment. The attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge of stakeholders can have a profound effect on the success of ocean management.

The nature and extent of stakeholder involvement will differ greatly between countries and will be significantly influenced by the culture of the specific country as well as any political or legal requirements for participation that already exist.

With extensive experience working with stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, Blue Resources can manage the complete stakeholder engagement process including:

  • improving the information base by accessing information held by stakeholders;
  • improving decision-making and validate approaches through external scrutiny and testing;
  • developing consensus by identifying and acknowledging shared views and objectives;
  • resolving differences of view through early and open discussion and through clear, transparent dialogue with stakeholders;
  • promoting stakeholder understanding of the need for the governance reforms, what the reforms will involve and the risks of taking no action; and
  • establishing links and networks useful in implementing governance reforms.